Bernard Martel

Bernard MartelBernard Martel is professor at the Faculty of Science and Technologies of the University of Lille (France). His PhD was devoted to catalytic applications of CDs polymers (1993) under the supervision of Professor Michel Morcellet. He did a post-doc in Canada on textile modification with CDs. Then he obtained an Assistant professor position in Lille (1994) where he developed his research thematic on CDs polymers and on the modification of materials surfaces by CDs. The first applications concerned waste waters decontamination, and extended since 2003 to medical textiles for the controlled delivery of drugs. He explored new chemical routes and innovative processes for the elaboration of various biomaterials containing CDs for use in vascular, visceral, periodontal, andorthopaedic surgeries for the prevention of post-operative complications such as restenosis, infections, cancer, pain, inflammation etc. He is author of +100 peer reviewed papers and 10 patents. He is secretary of the French Society on Cyclodextrins.

I9.- “Injectable hydrogels and sponges based on poly-cyclodextrins/chitosan polyelectrolyte complexes for drug release and tissue engineering applications”